Custom Survival Bracelet - Quick-Deploy Blaze Bar Weave

PREMIUM WIDE & THIN Paracord Survival Bracelet – Quick-Deploy Blaze Bar Weave


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Product Description

This PREMIUM WIDE & THIN Survival Bracelet is made using the “Quick-Deploy Blaze Bar Weave.” When unraveled, this survival bracelet will leave you with around 2 feet of paracord per inch of bracelet. So if you are buying a 7.5” bracelet, you will have around 15 feet of paracord on you at all times, ready to go!

The Quick-Deploy Blaze Bar Weave is unique in that you can deploy it faster than most bracelets. To deploy, undo the bracelet, screw the rod back in the shackle (unattached to the paracord loop at the end of the bracelet), and then put your middle finger through the shackle. With your other hand, grab the top of the weave (near the shackle), and firmly pull downward on the weave. The entire weave will move down the core of the bracelet, and unravel itself as it comes off the end. Your cord will be a single strand of a single color.

This bracelet is a great choice if you want maximum usable paracord length and maximum deploy speed. We only offer this bracelet in one color, because it makes it easier to deploy. Each bracelet comes standard with the Non-Adjustable Silver Color Stainless Steel Bow Shackle (as shown), at no extra charge.

Made from Military-Grade, Type III 550 Paracord:

  • Rated at 550 pounds of breaking strength! Includes outer sheath with 7 inner (3-ply) strands!
  • Meets MIL-C-5040H, Type III military specs and is domestically produced using raw materials.
  • Made from waterproof nylon. Hand-washable using soap and water. Will not fade, rot, or mildew.
  • Made in the USA – Support USA Jobs!

Paracord – What is It?

  • Originally Used for Parachutes
  • First Used in WWII and Still Used by Military
  • Used by Astronauts to Repair Hubble Telescope

Ready for Survival:

  • In survival situations, cord, such as rope or string, is needed for almost all improvisation of equipment.
  • Use it to secure cargo, pitch tents, lash poles or posts together, scale walls, splint bones, tie shoes, assist with rescues, and more.
  • Inner strands can be used as floss, fishing line, sewing thread, etc.


  • If you use our product in a survival situation, we will replace it for FREE.
  • All you have to do is send us your story!


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