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Paracord Survival Key Fobs

New Paracord Key Fob Added

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We have added the PREMIUM Paracord Key Fob to our selection, to complement the BASIC Paracord Key Fob. Check them out!

Also, we are almost ready to add custom photo bracelets! We will be offering a wide variety of regular and wide survival bracelets that include customizable dog tags. You will be able to add photos or logos of your choosing! We are also in the process of acquiring licensing to produce bracelets with logos from certain groups and companies.

Besides that, we will be adding more Pre-Selected Bracelet Designs soon, as well! See our previous post for a full list of up-coming paracord items!

MIL-C-5040H Military Grade Paracord

45 Uses of Paracord

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The uses of paracord are limitless!

1. Use paracord to secure cargo

2. Use paracord to tie up bad guys

3. Use paracord as a belt

4. Use paracord as a rifle sling

5. Use paracord to lower supplies down a cliff

6. Use paracord to pull an object across distances

7. Use paracord to repair damaged cars / trucks / motorcycles

8. Use paracord as fishing line (inner strands)

9. Use paracord as climbing rope (ONLY in emergencies, otherwise use REAL climbing rope!)

10. Use paracord as lanyards for knives, flashlights, etc. Read More